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2 Safety & Security Safety and Security is committed to preventing misues of the classified ads for illegal purposes. A series of recent safety enhancements have been implemented over the past months to provide better safety.

The following are some examples of recent steps taken to enhance safety at Backpage classifieds;

  • No nudity in any classified as, including adult categories
  • Content policies to prevent illegal activities
  • Stricter image content standards
  • Images are reviewed for compliance
  • Searches are conducted to locate inappropriate or illegal ads
  • Processes have been enacted to prioritize child related matters
  • Inappropriate ad content will be removed
  • Known bad URLs are blocked from the site
  • HTML images are blocked in ads except for trusted advertisers
  • Ads edited after initial review will go through another review process
  • Restricted ad posting capabilities for policy violators
  • Suspicious links in ads are reviewed for appropriateness
  • Ad moderators are held accountable for the highest quality and efficiency
  • Time alerts insure that ads are reviewed within 20 minutes of upload
  • Ads are deleted for major violations of terms of use
  • CAPTCHAS have been added to prevent abuse of ad reporting system
  • Security measures have been enacted to protect user information

In addition, has partnered with law enforcement and safety advocates/experts to help ensure a safer online classifieds experience

  • Added date, time and time zone stamps for improved ad tracking
  • Ads containing possible minors will be investigated and referred to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
  • Law enforcement inquiries involving possible minors are assigned top priority by staff
  • Worked with law enforcement to improve information flow during investigations
  • Child safety experts have been enlisted to guide safety strategies

Click here to download Backpage Safety and Security MeasuresPDF (updated 1/24)

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