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New 25% Promo Code at!

A New 25% Promo Code for Has Been Announced

NOTE: The promo code (BPCARES) is now expired. Please click here for the current BackPage promo code.

The current BackPage Promo Code is BPCARES (valid through December 31, 2010).  This promotional code is good for a 25% discount on all sponsored ads!  Be sure to create your BackPage account using a valid e-mail address so you’ll always receive new discount offers from BackPage. I will post any new affiliate promo codes as soon as they are available.

Here’s how you can pocket a cool 25% savings on all your sponsored ads at

1. Create an Ad Account at BackPage Classifieds Click Here to Create an Account Now  Just enter your e-mail, password and click submit!
2. Select the auto repost feature if desired.  It’s low cost and highly effective.
3. Select the duration of your sponsor ad (displays your ad and photos on the right side of listings)  Look for special discounts such as those shown on the screenshot. Sponsor ads are also highly effective and the cost is very reasonable
4. *Enter your promotional code

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  • anon · March 4, 2012 at 9:10 am

    “10DISCOUNT” is no longer working.
    Any other promo code for 2012?

  • Admin comment by Loni · July 22, 2011 at 9:54 pm

    There are no plans for another promo through the end of 2011, however, the “10discount” promotional code will remain effective through the end of the year. I’ll announce any other discounts or promo codes as they become available.

  • paul dog supplements · July 22, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    Any chance there will be another one of these promotions? The 25% off was great.

  • BLF · July 3, 2011 at 11:49 am

    I’m actually the top provider in my state, and I too have experienced the censorship you speak of. In fact it became a nasty fight between me and their (for a lack of better words) “Moderators.” One day she/they began taking words out and Removing my photo’s & then freezing my advertisement siting “I Had Violated Terms Of Usage.” When I wrote to the administrator in billing, she began being very rude and threatened to ban my IP Address…(Nice I’m at a hotel). I told her they were in violation of their own terms of usage because every photo I posted they removed and froze my ad. I was spending 25-40 Dollars a day, and because of this I had to delete the ads they froze, even my sponsors because they would take out so many words it made me look like I was incompetent. It was more or less a scam I stated to them…Once again some generic response from the sales department. So I decided to bring attention to said problem via an Ad:) After posting my ad and stating “STOP FREEZING MY ADS” they really hammered me, locking/freezing every single ad (30 Of Them) and I had enough. I put up an ad that said this:

    Dear Backpage:
    You are in violation of your own Terms Of Use.

    Without limitation, you agree to refrain from the following actions while using the Site:

    1. Harassing, threatening, embarrassing or causing distress or discomfort upon another individual or entity or impersonating any other person or entity or otherwise restricting or inhibiting any other person from using or enjoying the Site;

    Stop freezing & deleting my ads. I have all my clothes on in ALL PHOTO’S & none of the words I use so as “AND THE OR” are bad words. You are simply harassing me. Stop Now. You have no right to do this. You are embarrassing me & making me look bad

    Dear Gentleman: Come See Me (***)***-****



    “U R NUDE”

    BRANDI (***)***-****


    They left my phone number & name only… Well they also added the I am nude aspect. That was it! I emailed the abuse department and let them know what happened and that I was calling my lawyer. He responded immediately by un-locking all my 40 ads and took care of the situation. It took two weeks for the “Moderators” to get the point we weren’t playing anymore. Every time they locked an ad I contacted the abuse department and they took care of it. Backpage can be very helpful BUT YOU MUST STAND UP FOR YOURSELF PEOPLE.

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