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Backpage Promo Code 2014

10% Promo Code: The most recent Backpage Promo Code is DISCOUNT2014 (through the end of 2014). This promo code is good for a 10% discount on all sponsored ads and reposts. I will update this page as soon as any new Backpage Promo Codes are available. Use discount codes as often as you wish. Be sure to create your Backpage account using a valid e-mail address so you’ll always receive new discount offers from Backpage. I will post all new promotional codes as soon as they are available. Click here to use your discount code now.

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Another great traffic source for affiliate marketers is TrafficHolder at

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Web Hosting at 2012 Promo Code is HostGator12

Web Hosting at HostGator

As an a affiliate marketer, I rely on websites to showcase the products and services that I market on the Internet. This requires that I have reliable web hosting. When I first started web hosting, the server cost me about 200 dollars a month.  But there’s a much lower cost alternative available. provides shared web hosting packages for as low $3.96 per month.  And HostGator is one of the top servers on the Internet, with excellent equipment and services, and unparalleled 24/7 support. I use Hostgator for many of my web sites, and I’m in the process of moving more of my sites over to their servers. I like the service so much that I’ve become an authorized affiliate of HostGator. My personal review of HostGator is based on my own experience as a satisfied customer of their web hosting service.

To take a look at discount web hosting plans click this link and then click the “View Web Hosting Plans” button – from here you can view the different plans that HostGator offers. Make sure you use the current promo code “HOSTGATOR12” for the most savings. The most popular plan for affiliate marketers, the Baby Plan, starts as low as $6.36 per month.  This plan provides you with shared web hosting for unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited disc space.  Regardless of which plan you choose, your HostGator hosting plan includes cPanel, the number one web hosting control panel in the world.  cPanel makes managing your web server a breeze.

Enter the promo code for your HostGator Discount


HostGator has been the most reliable web server that I’ve ever used, and their 24/7 live support is available either through live chat or a toll free number for phone support.  There are tons of other features that you should check out – and a few of these include; unlimited email accounts, free site builder software, over 4500 free web templates to choose from, and fifty-two free website scripts that can be instantly installed with just a few clicks.  HostGator also supports and you can instantly install over 75 open source scripts with just a click, and these include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento eCommerce and Media Wiki.  Other cool features include a 100 dollar gift card for free advertising in Google AdWords, search optimization and website submission tools.

An affiliate marketer needs a reliable server, and they tout an impressive 99.9% server reliability. I personally have never had an issue with one of my websites being offline.

Here are some other facts about HostGator:

  • HostGator was founded in 2002, and they provide web hosting service for more than one million websites.
  • HostGator makes it so simple that anyone can manage their own web hosting service and save a lot of money.
  • You can automatically install popular web platforms like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal in a few seconds.
  • Since Hostgator is so popular, you can find many videos on YouTube on how to manage your HostGator web server.
  • HostGator web hosting comes with a 99.9% lifetime guarantee and a money back guarantee.
  • You can upgrade your account at any time you need to feel you would like to move up in web hosting service.

We have partnered with HostGator to provide you with special pricing for web hosting, you will need to enter the discount code HostGatorPromo12 when you sign up – for up to 25% off your web hosting package.

No tags adds new countries & locations to its classifieds network

Backpage has now added the Australia, United Kingdom and Ireland as separate advertising locations to the classifieds network. This greatly expands the marketing reach of and offers a new opportunity for advertisers.

Backpage Advertising Tip: Place your ads now, ahead of your competitors. Purchase your sponsored ads and reposts now for the lowest possible pricing.

The following is a list of the new Australia, UK and Ireland locations: in Australia in Ireland in United Kingdom


No tags Safety and Security is committed to preventing misues of the classified ads for illegal purposes. A series of recent safety enhancements have been implemented over the past months to provide better safety.

The following are some examples of recent steps taken to enhance safety at Backpage classifieds;

  • No nudity in any classified as, including adult categories
  • Content policies to prevent illegal activities
  • Stricter image content standards
  • Images are reviewed for compliance
  • Searches are conducted to locate inappropriate or illegal ads
  • Processes have been enacted to prioritize child related matters
  • Inappropriate ad content will be removed
  • Known bad URLs are blocked from the site
  • HTML images are blocked in ads except for trusted advertisers
  • Ads edited after initial review will go through another review process
  • Restricted ad posting capabilities for policy violators
  • Suspicious links in ads are reviewed for appropriateness
  • Ad moderators are held accountable for the highest quality and efficiency
  • Time alerts insure that ads are reviewed within 20 minutes of upload
  • Ads are deleted for major violations of terms of use
  • CAPTCHAS have been added to prevent abuse of ad reporting system
  • Security measures have been enacted to protect user information

In addition, has partnered with law enforcement and safety advocates/experts to help ensure a safer online classifieds experience

  • Added date, time and time zone stamps for improved ad tracking
  • Ads containing possible minors will be investigated and referred to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
  • Law enforcement inquiries involving possible minors are assigned top priority by staff
  • Worked with law enforcement to improve information flow during investigations
  • Child safety experts have been enlisted to guide safety strategies

Click here to download Backpage Safety and Security MeasuresPDF (updated 1/24)

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A New 25% Promo Code for Has Been Announced

NOTE: The promo code (BPCARES) is now expired. Please click here for the current BackPage promo code.

The current BackPage Promo Code is BPCARES (valid through December 31, 2010).  This promotional code is good for a 25% discount on all sponsored ads!  Be sure to create your BackPage account using a valid e-mail address so you’ll always receive new discount offers from BackPage. I will post any new affiliate promo codes as soon as they are available.

Here’s how you can pocket a cool 25% savings on all your sponsored ads at

1. Create an Ad Account at BackPage Classifieds Click Here to Create an Account Now  Just enter your e-mail, password and click submit!
2. Select the auto repost feature if desired.  It’s low cost and highly effective.
3. Select the duration of your sponsor ad (displays your ad and photos on the right side of listings)  Look for special discounts such as those shown on the screenshot. Sponsor ads are also highly effective and the cost is very reasonable
4. *Enter your promotional code

No tags has found itself at the front of a national debate over the use of classifieds by criminals using the ads for human trafficking. The safety and security of the Backpage community is a top priority. Internet safety expert Hemanshu Nigam of SSP Blue has been brought on board to implement an internal security plan to help prevent criminal activity on Backpage. Backpage continues a proactive dialogue with the Attorneys General in furtherance of the mission to provide safe classified ads for all.

Here are just some of the recent security enhancements at
  • Review of all ads and images in the personals and adult sections of the site.
  • Implementation of key word searches to quickly identify prohibited advertisements and inappropriate discussions.
  • Significant increase in staff to quickly identify illegal ads.
  • Implementation of roadblocks to prevent minors from accessing mature content.
  • Implementation of dedicated tools on the site to educate users regarding online safety and security.
  • Empowerment of users to report abuse and an expeditious process to handle user complaints.

Any post exploiting a minor in any way will be subject to criminal prosecution and will be reported to the Cybertipline and law enforcement.

The criminal actors create some challenges for legitimate advertisers in these categories. Please be sure to read the terms of use and posting rules (on the ad post page) carefully before you post an ad. Basically the rules are no nudity, lewd or lascivious graphics or photos, no offers to exchange sexual services in exchange for some form of compensation and no material that exploits minors in any way or that promotes human trafficking.

If you have any questions about content you will be posting on Backpage please ask first.

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Contest Completed

The “Great Backpage iPad Sweepstakes Giveaway of 2010” is completed. Congratulations to the lucky winners listed below. Watch here for new contests to be announced.

July: David – Brady, Texas
August: Nichole – Phoenix, Arizona
September: Lorraine – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
October: Debbie – Denver, Colorado

Beginning June 7th, BackPage advertisers who post legitimate jobs in the jobs classifieds can be entered to win an Apple iPad.  Winners will be awarded their iPads during the months of July, August, September and October, 2010.  Jobs ads are free so it’s not going to cost you anything to enter — just post a real job listing.  BackPage is calling it their “Put America Back to Work” iPad sweepstakes giveaway.  To enter the contest just follow these steps;

  • Win an Apple iPad by posting job listings in BackPage Classifieds!Click this link to post a job ad
  • Click on the “post an ad” link
  • Select local ads or multiple cities to post your ad
  • Follow the on-page prompts to place your ad
  • Once your ad is posted, e-mail with the link to your job posting and tell them you want to enter the contest
  • Your ad will be confirmed and it will be upgraded with free reposts and/or sponsored ads
  • Monthly contest winners will be contacted by e-mail
  • See iPad sweepstakes contest rules for information about how to enter the contest without posting a job ad
  • Enter as often as you wish for your chance to win
    See contest rules for more information

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BackPage Classfieds offers a low cost way for online affiliate marketers to advertise products and services either locally or in multiple cities.  You can place your ads along with photos and links to your website or affiliate offer. You will also have the options of having your ads automatically reposted periodically and you can place sponsored ads that appear on the right side column of each ad listing page. These highly visible sponsor ads are linked directly to your classified ad. Bookmark this site and follow my tips on how to save money on your BackPage ad campaigns, plus watch for the latest money saving promo codes and my insders tips on how to receive even bigger discount on all your ads!

Some Features of BackPage Classifieds

  • Low Cost Classifieds
  • Highly Effective Ads
  • Affiliates are Welcome
  • Post in Multiple Cities
  • Set Up Automatic Reposts
  • High Visibility Sponsor Ads
  • Include Product Photos
  • Place Links in Your Ads
  • Discounts and Promo Codes
  • Almost 100 Ad Categories
  • Hundreds of Cities
  • Manage Ads in Control Panel
  • Update Ads Anytime
  • Print Ads in City Publications
  • Huge Traffic and Growing

To Get Started: Just create a BackPage account, then select the category that best suits your product or service.

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BackPage vs. Craigslist

BackPage is a growing threat to Craigslist.  Online marketers in the know have been using BackPage Classifieds for quite some time and it is rapidly gaining in popularity. 

BackPage continues to double in traffic each year and now boasts nearly a billion page views per month.  Affiliates and webmasters are finding the site refreshingly inviting.  Unlike Craigslist and some other online classifieds sites, BackPage allows you to place photos and hyperlinks in your ads, and you can place your ads in as many cities as you wish!

The phenomenal growth hasn’t been without its challenges.  The site’s server and software have been tweaked to provide faster service to visitors.  New features have been added to make the advertiser experience more pleasant and much more profitable.

The auto repost feature has proven very popular. You can have your ad respost to the top of the ads as often as once every three days for as little as 50 cents. 

Advertisers can now move their ads to the top of the classifieds on a daily basis.  This is available for paid ads only.

Discounts are currently available for many cities so you can enjoy as much as 50% off the regular cost of ads.  You’ll see these discounts listed prior to payment processing for your ads.

300 or more cities have been added to the classifieds pages and it keeps growing.  Ads can be placed in one city or multiple cities — even all cities!  Try that at Craigslist and see what happens.  BackPage makes it easy and affordable to post classifieds in multiple cities.

Create your BackPage account now!

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