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Adult Postings on has found itself at the front of a national debate over the use of classifieds by criminals using the ads for human trafficking. The safety and security of the Backpage community is a top priority. Internet safety expert Hemanshu Nigam of SSP Blue has been brought on board to implement an internal security plan to help prevent criminal activity on Backpage. Backpage continues a proactive dialogue with the Attorneys General in furtherance of the mission to provide safe classified ads for all.

Here are just some of the recent security enhancements at
  • Review of all ads and images in the personals and adult sections of the site.
  • Implementation of key word searches to quickly identify prohibited advertisements and inappropriate discussions.
  • Significant increase in staff to quickly identify illegal ads.
  • Implementation of roadblocks to prevent minors from accessing mature content.
  • Implementation of dedicated tools on the site to educate users regarding online safety and security.
  • Empowerment of users to report abuse and an expeditious process to handle user complaints.

Any post exploiting a minor in any way will be subject to criminal prosecution and will be reported to the Cybertipline and law enforcement.

The criminal actors create some challenges for legitimate advertisers in these categories. Please be sure to read the terms of use and posting rules (on the ad post page) carefully before you post an ad. Basically the rules are no nudity, lewd or lascivious graphics or photos, no offers to exchange sexual services in exchange for some form of compensation and no material that exploits minors in any way or that promotes human trafficking.

If you have any questions about content you will be posting on Backpage please ask first.

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  • BeseflyReme · March 1, 2011 at 12:13 am

    Thanks for the great information on the adult ads in I wonder why they still haven’t opened up the women seeking men category though. That isn’t adult.

  • Davina · February 12, 2011 at 5:42 pm

    I advertise under the Body Rub section of Backpage and they even censor the word sensual now.

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